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Verdantis Fun Park


T-Rex Roller Disco - Ice and Roller Skating, DJ booth, Dancefloor
Olaf’s Snowboard Arena
Seahorse Children Roundabout
Underwater Love - Watersliding
Elsas Revenche - Bull Riding and eating contests
Books and Brauns Steampunk Adventure
Oasis Landing Jetpack Arena
Ice Ice Baby - Coffee Cakes Icecream and Trampoline Fun
Esmeraldas Fortune Telling
Arboretum, Ball Throwing Machines, Tree House

WOW! That is awesome! I’m taking this! I am so downloading it! Amazing creation!

Baby shower time!!! Cheyenne’s family and friends have bestowed lots of goodies upon her and Austin in anticipation of their little bundle of joy! Not knowing what the gender will be, everything is unisex. And of course, this party was for the ladies; even Austin went to hang out with the guys instead! :D


Baby swing from Kenzie and Hayden

High chair from Jillian and Isaiah

Walker from Paige

Activity table from older sister Shannon

Rocking horse from younger sister Charlene

Play pen from Cheyenne’s parents, Glen and Tracie

And random toys and other goodies, including a baby play mat and rocking chair, from everyone; they went crazy! :D

The baby will be revealed soon! The poll on my blog is now closed, and the majority of voters believe the baby will be a girl. We’ll find out soon enough!

firesoftheforges asked:

hello! you have the loveliest lots. c: do you mind if I use some of them in a prato di livori tuscan savefile I'm planning on putting up for download? credit will be given of course but I'd rather ask you first as they're your builds <3 -tencentsims

Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot to me! :) Sure, feel free to use my lots, that’s just fine! And thank you for asking and giving me credit. I look forward to seeing your final product! :)


VIDEO GAME POSES - Download (not pose list compatible)

These are some poses for your gamer sims and gamer sim couples. I was watching a game playthrough (the last of us remastered played by TheRadBrad thanks for asking) and I started wondering how he would sit while playing the game, then I thought about his girlfriend and how she would sit while watching him play a game and then this popped out idk

They might be useful for some people with their stories or something, and it’s kind of a followers gift. (yay 394) They aren’t perfect, so beware.

Pose 1 is made for a lounge chair.

You can get the controller accessory here by deggdegg.

OMG these are awesome!!! I can’t wait to put them to use!!!

Riverview Summer Festival 2014

Finally got around to sending Kenzie to the summer festival! Have some funny pictures!

First up is a hot dog eating contest! The lone competitor with Kenzie is Nadine Iranov.

I could totally make a dirty joke right now but I’m going to refrain.

Uh, Kenzie, the point of the hot dog eating contest is to keep them all down. Usually, in a food contest, vomit is immediate disqualification. Also, is it just me, or does it look like she’s trying to lick it back up? Is that her tongue sticking out?

Even after all that, she came out the victor! Poor Nadine, looks like she’s going to lose more than the prize.

Next up: soccer with Yvette Grisby! Yvette kicks first…

It’s a block!

Second kick is also a block!

What the heck is this? You were doing so well! I’m not an expert at sports by any means, but I’m pretty sure the job of a soccer goalie is to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

That’s better. Also, pardon the random horse; it just showed up and would not leave. Talk about being a horse’s ass, right? Getting all up in my shot and everything…

Kenzie’s turn to kick! Yeah, playing soccer in sandals. That’s an awesome idea.

No goal for you!

Kenzie and Yvette then took to the water balloons!

Duck! Side step! Run for cover! Do anything but stand in the path of and smile at the incoming projectile!

Sigh. What did I just say?

Well fine, sit there and pout then. I told you to somehow dodge that water balloon.

Taunting the opponent that just pelted you with a water balloon? Probably not the best idea. Also, in the background, there goes Sherman Bagley, probably on a quest to console his livid wife considering this was going on during the water balloon fight:

Sherman: My love! You make me feel so light on my feet!

Hannah Jones: Um…okay. By the way, your wife is right behind us.

Rhoda: Good God, get a room already, you two.

The summer festival just became a soap opera. And it’s not done yet! Kenzie redeemed festival tickets for some fireworks. Though the Fourth of July was literally a month ago, she’s shooting off some fireworks anyway at her house!

Now, I remember those snake fireworks, and they were never that big. Not even half. I don’t remember the name of them being Anacondas, either. They’re huge!

Dare to live dangerously with that smoke bomb there, Kenzie. Nothing says “celebrate Independence Day” like silent, colored smoke stinking up the yard and that of the neighbors.

That’s a fitting reaction for this thing…

…which lasted all of five seconds. They sure don’t make things like they used to, not even in the virtual world!

Too old for sparklers? Never!

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